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April 02, 2009



This was so beautiful to read, Sandie. What a wonderful, loving tribute to a wonderful, loving mother.

Adina Brooks

Sandie, I am so thinking of you. I feel that way about my mom too.


beautiful and full of heartache. wishing you extra hugs today.


Sandie, this is a beautiful way to mark the 6 months that have passed. I hope you continue to be gentle with yourself in this process of learning to live with such a huge loss.


What a lovely tribute to your mother. I only knew her in passing but your depth of love for each other is clear.

Wife and Mommy

This is such a beautiful tribute. I am sure you were a beloved daughter to her, just as she was your beloved Mami.

Kelly M

Beautifully written, Sandie, from your beautiful heart. Over the years, you have endeared your Mami to me online. It's been so obvious for such a long time what a deep connection you two shared.


This absolutely touched my heart. What a beautiful way to remember your mother. I felt like you were saying the same things I think of my mom.


I'm so sad for you because your mother left this world too soon. I'm happy for you that you have such lovely memories of her and that your children got to know and love her, too.


This was beautiful, and I'm so sorry for your loss.


I remember her two shades of lipstick too....she also put egg in her lasagna and is was DELICIOUS!

I also remember that in the morning if you forgot to say good morning to her, she would ask "did I sleep with you?"(in spanish) and I would smile and say "Buenos dias"

She expected nothing but the best. What a wonderful woman. I am lucky to have known her.

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama

What a beautiful tribute of 67 things about your mother. Thinking of you!

Carmen Eidenmueller

God bless your mother for having giving you, your family and friends so many good memories and God bless you for cherishing them. You are really lucky to have had such a great mother and friend. She also touched my life in so many positive ways that I will never forget her. Cacha


Sandie...I have been thinking about you all dau, knowing Mother's Day would be so difficult for you...praying you felt loved as she was.

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