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June 22, 2011



It was a great party, thanks! And I'm thrilled to see Sofia in the photo up there! We're definitely going to do the summer reading challenge. Another good strategy is for older kids to read to younger kids. I love hearing Sofia read to her younger sister. Also, don't feel guilty about leaving books lying around everywhere (as we do...), because your kids will be more likely to read them.

Down or Just Me

I nanny for a little boy, Brandon, whom has been out of school for the summer and we decided that we would do a summer reading challenge together! I let him pick out a list for me and I him and we've had a blast! Every Friday we discuss the books we read and it has really boosted his idea about reading being fun! Do you have any additional reading that you can recommend for a school aged child... I think we're going to keep it going and just slow down the pace through the school year.

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