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June 26, 2011



So jealous you got to hang with all of my faves!


It must be brilliant to be able to enjoy your job as you do. Not only that you have a great bunch of friends to enjoy the experience with you.

Berlin Society

Enjoying work is a biggy in this life, not many people do enjoy their jobs. I would love a job where you get to interact with the people you meet and get on with work colleagues.


I think it is fantastic that you are enjoying your work with all of your friends. I spent literally years, hating my job, until I went freelance and now do work as an article writer from home, this means that I get more time with my family, friends and enjoying life rather than stuck behind a desk with a bunch of people I don't like.


I used to work in an office doing a job I loved, then the management team changed and the company sold out and my job became increasingly more stressful. I took on the challenge and worked from home only going into work part time. I then made the break completely and thoroughly enjoy working for myself in a job I love, but the best thing about my work, is that I have the freedom to be able to enjoy my time, as I can choose the hours I want to work.

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