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December 09, 2003



Oh man, you had to say Pop Tart. I'd give my left nut for a Frosted Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tart, toasted with butter melted all over the top.

Oops. Sorry. What I meant to say was welcome to the blogosphere-hope you find a friendlier forum here than you have in listdome. Great post even if it did induce the munchies!

p.s. you're a pretty lady!


Hey Sandie!

Thanks for inviting me over here, I'm kinda done with the whole WC thing I think....soooo this will be a nice change! That Urban website has some great stuff, in fact I might order a CD off of it! No, not a *cloth diaper* but a compact disc ;-) Give a kiss to your Schmoop for me and I look foward to reading your blog!

p.s. your mention of RC made me really miss NY, this is my favorite time of the year to visit :-(


Thanks for the compliment, Kelly. Hey, I like Pop Tarts too, but I'm mean and won't let my son have one!

Lisa, Urban Monster is awesome. The owner sells the Bugaboo, so if I ever buy one, it'll be from her!


Sandie- thanks for inviting me over here too :D as a non-mom I doubt I'll be posting much but I've been doing a project this semester about obesity in adolescent girls so this article sounds really interesting. I've wondered about the effect that Tivo has had on me over the last few years in terms of significantly limiting my exposure to commercials and I'm really glad that we'll have it around for when we do have kids. I'm fine with TV in moderation but ads- not so fine.


Bre, As someone who was incredibly susceptible to advertising, and in a way still am, it's particularly important for me to shield Schmoopie from so many commercials. I love that TiVO limits my commercial-watching. Most of the time I purporsely delay watching a show for 10-15 minutes, so I can fast forward!

Diana Pritchard

It's about exercise too. Kids must play. if you dont play you get fat. Then if you eat junk you get fatter. As a side note: if you run around with your kid, you lose fat too!


Thanks "Diana". We try to let Schmoopie play every day. I'm making a concerted effort to even turn off my beloved television and watch my shows after he's asleep, so I can spend more time playing with him.


I had a conversation with a friend today about America's increase in obesity rates. She read an article recently that pointed out the fact that government farm subsidies seem to go disproportionately to crops that are made into junk food (e.g., corn, which is made into corn syrup, which is used to sweeten lots of processed foods including soda) and helps make these junk foods cheaper. This, in turn, adds to the obesity problem. I hope to get a copy of this and will definitely share it with you if I can find it.


Ok, here's an article that shows just how disgusting subsidies for corn really are.



Thanks for the link Monica. It's amazing how much the government adds to the problem.

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