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December 30, 2003



I have not yet delved into the land of kiddie music (as Jack is only 6 months) but I'm glad to know there are tolerable alternatives to the relentlessly cheery stuff I've heard.
Have a wonderful (and safe) New Year.


Thanks, Ann! I hope you and Jack and your DH have a great New Year as well. When the time comes for kiddie music, do give Dan a try ;-)


"relentlessly cheery "



thanks for sharing, i'm listening to the sound samples right now.



oh, i see you already put links up for those. sorry. tired.


Linda! We can always use more links to Dan Zanes. ;-) Hope you, Ev and the girls had an amazing New Year's Eve.


I'll have to check that out as we are stealthily being invaded by the big B and other unwanted friends ...

I do have to suggest They Might Be Giants, the "NO!" CD as it is chock full of fun kid song goodness. Another staple at our house is Lithgow's "Singin in the Bathtub".

Exposure to my Gymboree-attending Sister In Law over the holidays has shown me that there are a bunch of updates to the old favorites we learned in grade school; I think those plus a run through the music books I bought pre pregnancy might lead us to make our own home grown audio tapes, too, as the kids get old enough to want to do that sort of thing.

Hope you all are having a good new year!


Mynn, They Might Be Giants are huge here, because they live in Brooklyn and gig at local places. I don't have "No!" but am interested. I'll have to listen to a few samples and then decide whether to splurge for the CD. Thanks for the suggestion.

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