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January 29, 2004



So true about what you'd do as a mom to try and save your child's life (crossing fingers that this will never be required). On the other hand, I would NEVER eat some of that gross stuff on fear factor for a mere $25,000. Just isn't in me!


Well, I think the gross stuff is riskier than the "extreme" stunts. I mean, if I were as ripped and in shape as the women on the show, I could do the extreme stunts. But the gross stunts would make me vomit even before I could participate in the stunt. You're totally right!


I've always wondered if you could get really sick from some of that stuff - especially the old, bug infested foods. I can't believe it is healthy. I find the idea of the physical challenges much less intimidating than eating something gross. Just one more reason I'll never be seen on "reality" television.

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