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January 25, 2004



I only saw a couple of award presentations, but I know you got at least 2 right -- Charlize and LIT.

I vaguely recall seeing Tim Robbins walking up to the stage on the TV at the restaurant while we were out to dinner. I remarked to Michael and my inlaws that I was thankful that the sound was muted so we did not have to hear whatever pathetic political statements he had to make. ;-)


Actually, he didn't make any "pathetic political statements." He said something you could totally relate to: "Now I can drink." Then he thanked the filmmakers and Susan and their kids. Very short and sweet.


ooh nice job Sandie. I have to say I was disappointed at the Lord of the Rings winning as muhc asit did. I haven't seen it so maybe it really deserved it but I was rooting for the movies I loved :)

Tim Robbins was very nice I thought- Meryl Streep was the only one to say anything political I think and personally I loved it, crazy leftist that I am :P

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