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February 25, 2004



Some thoughts on gender neutral toys I've been buying to balance out kids (or for the hell of it):

Big kid-friendly magnifier 'glasses'
Musical toys

... he will go in and out of the stages, I've seen it happen (because I am worried about it myself) ... the trucks are just new. (and go VROOOM!) ;)


Mynn, Schmoop goes "VRROOOM!" all the time. He actually gets frustrated if he can't roll the "r" in VRROOM. I think it's a stage and will continue to advocate for the blocks, musical instruments, etc.

Jorge Angulo

Well Sister Sandie, I'll keep buying my nephew trucks and guns and stuff so he won't grow up being a sissy!

love ya,

Uncle Jorge


Hello- It's my first time visiting your
I have a 2-yr old and the same here, after
his last birthday we now have trucks everywhere,
especially fire trucks. I guess if you have a
boy that comes along with him.


Yes, my son LOVES fire trucks. He goes "Vroom! Vroom!" and then makes the siren noise. My mom wants to buy him a firefighter's helmet. It's out of control. Welcome, Valerie!


things that go vroom in the night ...

I think it might be part of the growing up/vocallization thing. Wolfie is doing it (sort of) with blocks, pushing them around while practicing his raspberries ... it might be a natural progression of sound.

I'll just have to have a little girl and get back to you on that.

~ Mama Lab Rat


Bella LOVES trucks. She has the Little Tykes trucks and the Fisher Price Dump truck with the see through blocks. She loves to push them around the house.

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