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March 08, 2004



I know I couldn't have survived without
my avent breast pump. It is small and easy to
take along with you. I found the gerber ultra-
thin breast pads a lifesaver as well.


ITA with most of those (of course I've had most so I'm biased). I'd also add - a pack of cloth diapers to use as burp cloths - invaluable if you have a spitty baby (I did).
I'd also throw in a vote for a bouncy seat with vibration to use in those moments when you need to do something with both hands that precludes carrying or wearing your babe (i.e. cooking at a hot stove). Jack sometimes liked to nap in his when he was small and found the vibration soothing for some reason.


Ooh! Fantastic additions. I will add them to the list. This way if anyone wants to cut and paste it for a friend, they can have a more comprehesive index. Thanks for stopping by, Ann.


Valerie: I forgot about the ISIS, which I loved as well for times when you don't want to deal with the electric pump. I added it to the list!

Ergo Baby Carrier

I absolutely second the recommendation for the Ergo. Put him on your back, it's so comfy for everyone. You can also use the Ergo as a front carrier or a sling.

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