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April 09, 2004



oooh, I'm so glad someone else saw this and had something to say about it too. I couldn't believe that Sandy died. The part where the family wouldn't let carrie see the baby that was just too much. I mean can you imagine?? I've been watching er as long as you have and actually turned my husband onto it, but I couldn't believe how much stuff went on in that episode. After it went off I needed a glass of wine to chill out. That was a very upsetting episode. And I believe that it may be a few weeks before the next new episode.


I TOTALLY agree! I have also watched faithfully for the duration ... and I'm so upset that Sandy's family is keeping the baby from Dr. Weaver. I was bawling!!!!!

Jorge Angulo

ER sucks.


hrm, I had the total opposite reaction. I mean I bawled too, but I've been really impressed all season at the issues they've been raising. From health in developing countries, to the point made that while you might survive a car crash in a Hummer you also might take out an entire family, to this latest issue of gay rights. I think the issue of gay/lesbian rights is huge right now, and that's a very real fear for people who cannot legally marry. If they were allowed to marry, then Sandy's family would never be able to do this to her.

I know what you mean about the over-blown drama, but I'm pretty happy that they're raising some of these issues- maybe many people don't want entertainment media to do consciousness raising, but I think there's a role for that.


ER was my favorite show and a Thursday night staple for me for years and years, but it really started slipping in quality fast. I finally let myself stop watching once Dr. Greene died.

Poor Kerry -- sounds like they made her the Job-like figure once they didn't have Greene to kick around anymore.

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