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July 13, 2004



LOL. I was hoping you'd have a story about the wedding. That was not what I expected.

Sounds like you did a great job, even considering all you went through. I am not sure I could do so well.


Wow. I was considering flying to Vegas to see my Dad but after that...I don't think so. He can come here. ;-p

Jorge Angulo

You didn't go to the guitar museum? he would have loved seeing jimmi's guitar. next time leave him in st. pete with his loving uncle and "cousin" bailey. ha ha. love you


oh Sandie I had no idea about the cut thumb! I'm so sorry- I feel like a terrible hostess- you were such a trooper to come all this way to celebrate with us. I'm glad you guys got to check out a bit of the Seattle sites at least. I'm guessing there will be some gorgeous shots of the Schmoop once I get Laura's shots- I'll make sure to pass them along!


Bre, WHY in the world would I mention my bloody thumb on your wedding day? It was a minor drama (which I overreacted to) in an otherwise glorious evening.


Now we know who the senilsbe one is here. Great post!

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