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July 28, 2004



woohoo!!! i am waiting to hear from my sister, she's leaving tomorrow for vacation. i think it's
a must after such an ordeal. enjoy and tell hans congrats from the salgados!



I'm glad to hear you guys are getting a nice vacation. I hope you have a great time!!!


I have my fingers crossed and I'm sending lots of prayers that he does well. It must be such a relief for him to be done!

So what happens now? Does he work all the rest of the summer, or does he have some time off? I am clueless about this process.


Sarah: He will be working at a part-time job 20 hrs/week until he starts his full-time job at the firm on Sept. 13. Thanks for popping in!

Valcat: I can't wait until vacation. Just 9 more days!

Pache: Thanks for thinking of H. I will say a prayer things went well for K too :-)

jen lemen

hans is one of the most intelligent and sensible people i've ever met. i can't fathom he'd do anything that study the right stuff and pass with flying colors!

have a great vacation.


I was thinking of him this week- he and another friend's husband were both suffering through it. I'm sure Hans did well and I'm excited that you guys get a great vacation to celebrate! It's a dream of mine to someday go to an all-inclusive resort so you'll have to tell me how you like it :)


Maternity swimsuit? Wear a bikini!!!!

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