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July 14, 2004


Lisa G.

I had a few of those during my pregnancy as well. It drove me crazy, I let myself have one or two caffeinated (gasps) a week. The rest of the time I'd have decaf or something fruity. I remember I ordered a vanilla ice blended from the Coffee Bean and the cashier looked at my huge belly and said " You mean a DECAF vanilla ice blended right?" I felt so ashamed so I said oh yes of course. The best comments were the "OMG you are so big when are you due? This week?" No, three months from now...THANKS! Ugh! I can't believe she said something to you about DECAF!


Unless you've been very chummy with her everytime you go there, that woman should keep her trap shut. *cyberslaps the girl for you*


Ugh, don't you just hate rude people like that?!?

I can never think of any sort of reply when I am in the moment either. Later I can usually think of several things I should have said LOL. But truth be told I am way too polite to ever say most of them.

I have a small cup of regular coffee every morning. I really had no idea it was such a big no-no!


Thanks ladies for indulging my vent. I was kinda peeved the whole time I was drinking my iced-decaf. This morning I didn't order one and chose to make myself some free hot tea with milk instead, once I got to the office... And Lisa, I'm not chummy with this cashier, but she always has a pregnancy related comment. Maybe she's a mom and I just don't know it.


How annoying! I read on WebMD you can have a lot of caffeine and still be safe, but that's not even the point. Next time you should comment on her waistline and perhaps say she should lay off the muffins. (joke, of course!)


Tee-hee. I just have this image of you snorting a line of coke and she's standing across the counter saying, "Umm...are you sure you should be doing that?"


Kate and Sarah: I'm over it. She was really nice to me this morning and said I looked pretty, so I guess that's all it takes to make me feel better!


Hurrah for Pretty Sandie!

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