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September 21, 2004



I think it's more fun to look pregnant than not! What's the point of being pregnant if you can't revel in it? :)


Great behaviour for a "flagshipstore" salesperson.


ack. canadians.



LOL Linda, all of the other Canadians I met were fantastic, but this one definitely irked me!

Mynn, yes, he needed more salesperson training, I think.

Lei, I agree... I look pregnant because I AM pregnant!


Sandie: I was one of those women who became ridiculously huge when pregnant. I always wanted to be one of those cutiepies who didn't show much, but alas, it wasn't to be. But I really did like looking pregnant, being pregnant, etc. Why anyone would insist you look like you're carrying two babies when you just said only one is beyond me. Maybe you should've asked if he had only half a penis in his jeans.

jen lemen

sandie, i think you look fantastic pregnant and are carrying quite nicely! the last time i saw you i thought, "damn, she looks awesome pregnant." i am not kidding. some people just have it goin' on.

that said, i was one of those pregnant people who was so huge at the end that people gasped at my size the last week i walked in the mall. there were *several* twins comments. what can you do?

the other annoying thing was the unabashed delight expressed by some friends that i was finally "fat". evidentally, my skinny-ness prior pregnancy was a point of contention.

alas, no more.

Apple Muncher

Personally I agree that the pregnant ladies do look great, especially when sporting outsized tummies. I have found in my people-watching over the years, that generally a pretty woman becomes lovelier and more beautiful as her pregnancy progresses. That salesman certainly was rude towards a potential customer; it was not his business to inquire about the number of babies in tummy. That is mother-to-be's own concern and no-one else. Basic courtesy, really.


Thanks Apple Muncher. I totally agree and think he was risking me getting ticked off and leaving the store! Also, I appreciate your comments that women get lovelier during pregnancy. :-)

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