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April 27, 2005



This was wonderful to read. I have no siblings of my own and the sibling relationship is therefore difficult for me to understand. I hate it so much when my children are mean to each other or fight with each other, though my husband assures me this is normal.

I longed for siblings when I was a child, but I think I miss them even more as an adult.

I hope my daughter feels the same way about her older brothers that you feel about yours.


As I prepare for the arrival of #2 this fall I find myself thinking more and more about the sibling relationship. I have a wonderful relationship with my sister (my only sibling) although we had our fair share of spats growing up -- I hope the same for my children. I think children who are close in age bicker more growing up, but they also have the chance to attain real closeness since they are going through life's stages more or less at the same time.

Jorge angulo

Thanks. I love you.


This "One moment you are each other's best friends -- the only other people on earth who share your genetic material in the same way. The next moment, they bother you beyond belief." is so so true. My sister is my best friend (besides Brian of course), and we have such a conflicted hisotry. With a 5 year age differnece we were perfectly spaced to drive each other insane and be locked in opower struggles. But having a somewhat unusual and wacky family, we were also destined to be each other's rocks and touchpoints. I don't know whether Julia will someday have a brother or sister or both, but I am so excited for her to have a sibling- there's really no relationship like it.

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