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May 08, 2005



sandie, i am more than honored to be included...i was just coming here hoping to read YOUR thoughts this mother's day. please know the respect and tribute is mutual friend! hope you feel deeply loved and appreciated today...


This is so beautiful. I am honored to be included in such a list. There are two other people, however, that Sandra forgot to include and they are our late grandmother "Mama" and our late great- aunt "Tia". Without them Sandra and I wouldn't be the women we are today.

Okay, I've had enough teary eyed moments today.

Surely being a Mom is the most awesome, incredible thing that a woman can be, and being a "surrogate" mom when you can't be a biological mom is equally amazing.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's who read this.


Sandie..thank you so much, I feel very special to have been included here. May your sweet children bring you years of happiness!!


what a sweet tribute! i saw your URL on the FG kids list and just wanted to stop by. great blog!


Thanks, ladies. So nice to meet you "Mrs. Pilkington." I'm a 'Critic' fan as well.

MFGH: Of course you're included. You're such a wonderful friend.

Diana: I didn't think of them as separate enough from our mother to write about our grandmother and greataunt.

Pache: I guess we were thinking of each other! Hope you had a great day.

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