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February 08, 2006



Please remember that the actresses do not have the power to choose their roles. When i was a teen, i auditioned for the role of a female prime minister. But i lived in nw texas and since i was latina/asian, i was casted as a promiscuous housemaid who, by night, had affairs with my white master. A white casting director told me that no one wanted to see a sexy latina in a white girls place. So, plz dont assume that we prefer roles of disrespect, because the media solely depends on the opinion of white american men.

urban latina

Hi there,

I pretty much agree with you....check out my blog @ the above url.

Let's see if we can change that.



You have a lot Latina actresses playing hot maids or nursing assistants. Very annoying. Salma Hayek on 30 Rock, Carlotta on Friday Night Lights.


No mention of Ugly Betty? Betty Suarez is an awesome role model whose pursuing her dream of working and owning her own piece of pie in the publishing field. Her sister seems to be the stereotypes you mentioned but the people in her life all have dreams they're pursuing like the dickens and that to me is enough to get them out of that box society likes to shove the minorities in.


Again, the wrath of the minority stereotypes. Not only do you see it in the sexy,saucy latina roles but you also see it in the latino roles. The rambuctious, defensive, chip on your shoulder, but sometimes too laid back latino heat. So can we agree we see the latino/a stereotypes on both sides of the gender. At least we are being mentioned or included in today's society yet limited, we must expand our characteristics to see more multi-roles.

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