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October 11, 2006


Random reader

Let's all be honest and admit we sometimes judge the content of random blogs we come across. I REALLY don't mean to be gratuitously critical, but...I thought *I* had an intolerable capacity for telling others about how cute and awesome my kids are. Your blog just helped me realize I realize I don't hold a candle to some. "Shmoopstee"? "I wuv you"? PLEASE LISTEN TO YOURSELF. TAKE STOCK, SISTER IN PARENTHOOD. THAT STUFF ONLY MAKES OTHERS CRINGE. Except, maybe, for those who are closest to you. Whom, giving you the benefit of the doubt, your blog is written for. Why do I bother raining on your parade, rather than just moving on? Who needs such negativity? Good questions. As a journalist (?), however, you must know that your choice to print in the public realm opens you up to criticism. Tone it down, momma.

Dave Lemen

Wow! As I started to read Random Reader's comment, I was certain that it was a comment spam ploy, but I was shocked to learn that she has actually spent time on your blog before vomiting in the comments.

I'm sure that as a mother (?), however, she knows the rule about if-you-don't-have-something-nice-to-say...

"PLEASE LISTEN TO YOURSELF," indeed, crazy lady.

As someone who knows the Schmoop and the Schmoopette, I can vouch for the fact that they're just as cute and extraordinary as Urban Mama says they are and more!

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Why do so many people seem to advocate police parenting?
The question about the 15 year old hitting her mother and some of the answers made me think of this. Why do so many people think the police should become involved in family disputes? There were people suggesting that the woman have her daughter arrested, but personally I think that is a terrible, terrible idea. Same thing comes up with teens smoking pot or drinking, people suggest getting the police involved. But that is not a good idea. It is pathetic parenting, and the judicial system is not set up to help people develop good discipline and improve their life. That call to the police cause your 14 year old smoked some pot and you didn't know what to do could lead to rejections from universities, jobs, all kinds of things later in life. Same for assault charges cause you were hit.

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