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November 12, 2007



Gonna say A Christmas Story. I remember my mom taking me to see it at the fresh pond cinemas in Cambridge, Mass. And then when she told me the guy who'd written it had MORE stuff I could read (Jean shepherd), I went nutty.

Seriously, I loved this movie when it wasn't cool to love it.


but funniest IAWL skit has to be the one from SNL (Dana Carvey years) where they find the "lost ending"...where the mob beats up Mr. Potter and keeps on singing Auld Lang Syne even as Mary, George, and Harry kick Mr. Potter in the ribs.


My favorite is Miracle on 34th Street, because my one of favorite actresses (besides Audrey Hepburn) is in it and that is Natalie Wood. Plus, I also get into older movies. :)


My favorite holiday movie is Christmas Vacation. I just can't get enough of Cousin Eddie. Shitter's full!

Will I be arrested if I admit I have never seen IAWL?


Don't stone me but I love Tim Allen's "The Santa Clause". It's so funny and sweet at the same time.


Ooh, good question. My favorite is "White Christmas" because when I was a kid, my father loved Danny Kaye, and I do now, as an adult. We used to watch a lot of other Danny Kaye movies together. My father died on Christmas day, so I usually curl up sometime on Christmas and watch WC and laugh, and think about my dad.

I also love MO34S and IAWL. Jed and I always look at each other when the kids are acting up and mutter, in classic Jimmy Stewart voice- "Why'd we have to have so many damned kids, anyway, Mary?!"


I was going to say A Christmas Story. We do watch it every year and laugh ourselves silly but my favorite Christmas movie isn't even considered a Holiday movie. I love to watch Little Women (with Winona Ryder). It would come on in December every year and every year my sister and I would snuggle up with Hot Cocoa on the couch and watch it. Then we'd talk for an hour or more about the movie and do a little minor drooling over Christian Bale. There is scene in the beginning when they're singing Christmas Carols and walking through the snow to give the Hummels (sp?) their Christmas breakfast. For some reason that scene has always stuck with me and that movie always makes me think of the Christmas (and miss my sister).

Cin (jewamese)

Growing up, my family would watch Coming to America (Eddie Murphy) on Christmas Day. Nothing to do with Christmas, but it is my Mom's favourite movie--well, we loved it too. :)


Does the Sound of Music count? I feel like they show that every Christmas. How about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? I'm a sucker for that stop claymation-type animation.

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