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November 28, 2007



I saw your post on the cpc board linking to this blog. It was exactly a year ago today that we had our scary ultrasound in which we were told that our son had mild ventriculomegaly (measuring at 10.1) and 2 large CPCs. I googled the heck out of both of these and pulled up your blog. I will never forget the Schmoopette, I thought that was the cutest name. Anyways, reading about what you had gone through and having a healthy baby helped me get through some very scary times. I am happy to report that we have a very happy and healthy 7 month little boy !! Congrats on your 3rd pregnancy!!


Glad to hear all is well. You will remain in my prayers for happy and healthy pregnancy and a safe and quick delivery at home. :)


Reading all of your experiences with happy endings really gives me hope. My husband and I lost our first baby just last week, a little boy who we were already so in love with. He was still born at almost 22 weeks. We had the same "soft markers" on our second US ( echogenic focus and mild ventriculomegaly) and we had an amio which was positive, shortly after that our hell began. I am so overcome with pain, I just want to be pregnant again and despite the odds of this recurring being 1% I have to believe that this just cannot happen again, we need to be blessed with something good. I am only 30 years old, so I would like to think we have time on our side, again I thank you for all of your stories it helps to read others experiences and know that happy endings are possible!!


Hey there this is Teresa from NC, I had e-mailed you back a few months ago, with just a couple of weeks to go in my pregnancy. First of all congratulations on your current pregnancy! How wonderful. Secondly I just wanted to give you an update and praise...I gave birth to a very healthy boy on July 31st. Soon after they did a follow-up ultrasound and everything was measuring "normal and symmetrical", and I was told by several Doctors that there should be nothing to worry about and that he is very healthy. I can't tell you how relieved my husband and I both were. And as you know that was one roller coaster of emotions during the pregnancy. But praise God everything is well with this little boy. He is now 4 months old and is such a joy!! Thanks again for your posts about your daughter as it really encouraged me and gave me hope during that trying time. After e-mailing you I just felt I owed you and outcome report, and I had thought about it several times, but having 4 kids, need I say more. LOL Thanks again and God Bless

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