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January 15, 2008



It is so hard to get out and meet new people at this stage of life, isn't it? So hard.

It was so nice meeting you @DCMMBlog party the other night. I'd be happy to get out with you again when I'm healed ... what will it be, a movie screening or trip to Target?


I also completely get this. I had a lot of years where I despaired of finding good adult friends. After leaving college, it's tough to make new friends. At least I think so. I'm up for a playdate or an actual adult night out before your baby arrives, if you are!


I think it takes at least a year to get settled after a move. Or at least it has to me.

I totally understand what you're going through - it's part of why I hate moving. We live in an area without many kids, and we can't walk anywhere other than the beach & park. Both are nice, but they don't sell any food at either place!

Good luck finding your tribe...

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