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February 14, 2008



You are NOT "opting out". You are simply celebrating in a way that fits BOTH of you. :) Have a GREAT night. :)


My sweet husband is getting it. I don't have the big romantic hopes...although I dream some day of being surprised with a big romantic shin dig. But he has learned to show up with nice roses and at least suggest going to a nice dinner. Just the suggestion is enough for me. Last night we ordered Papa John's pizza, lol!


My husband is very similar. This year he bought us some sweet bakery items and that utterly astounded me.

Zingerman's is delightful. Their cream cheese is addictive, though probably not a good bet for long-distance orders.


Absolutely perfect. It's all about the meshing of the expectations.

This year, we had construction paper hearts and individual candies, all around. I don't think there was anything in a box for me ... I hardly remember, since my husband had been up with the baby all night, not wanting to wake me since I had had a rough day.

That's the magic for me. That he thought to do that ... not because it was a special day, but because he knew that's what I would want, more than anything else.

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