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March 10, 2008



I wanna live in your neighborhood.

I have a similar neighborhood. (Although no one's bringing me take out or magically taking my kids away.) All my babysitters are on my street. I regularly swap groceries with the neighbors. We all know each other and watch out for each other.

It's nice. (Sometimes a little creepy, but nice.)

Urban Mama

But creepy in a good way! I just wish it didn't feel like I'm always on the receiving end!


Sandie, I do know just how lucky you are. When we first moved to a small town northwest of Chicago, we were greeted by one neighbor with one of those giant chocolate chip cookies with a little house painted in icing with our house # on it. They've been here 30+ years, raised a daughter while rehabbing an older home, and when she gardens, she lets the boys follow her around like baby ducks. Our neighbors next door? Snowblow the driveway while Dan's at work. Drop goodie bags filled with holiday-themed treats on our doorstep. Came over when the boys were younger so I could run to the store without having to buckle three car seats. Their daughter was our sons' first babysitter. They too have lived here 30+ years, raised a daughter (whose wedding we attended last summer) and when she gardens, she lets the boys follow her around like baby ducks.

Great neighbors are worth their weight in gold, they truly are.


One of the reasons we moved into our neighborhood (not far from you, actually) was because we wanted to live in a diverse area with a sense of community, and boy did we get it. We are surrounded by wonderful neighbors, most of whom have lived here for more than 20 years. We're certainly the youngest on the block, but it's still be great. When I had my son, neighbors were stopping by with gifts and well wishes - one even crocheted him a beautiful baby blanket. Every two years during our local elections, folks are out knocking on doors - good, old fashioned politics - and it's great. I wouldn't trade it.


we have always had old lady neighbors which are quite a treasure...they always want to walk, they adore your children and think they can do no wrong, they listen really well and fuss over you...we recently moved into a neighborhood with kids- my own kids are delirious. I had no idea what we were missing, the kids play ALL the time- they act like siblings. It's definitely a good thing...so glad you have a community caring for you right now.


ohhhh, you are going to get some gooood meals...

since moving to a house in Silver Spring we too have experienced the wonderfulness of neighbors, for the first time ever. in Arlington we hardly ever saw or spoke to the people that lived on our floor, never exchanged names.


I also have amazing neighbors. When my 4th baby was born, with complications and health problems, I didn't cook for 3 months. A hot dinner arrived at the door every other day. My older kids were watched and driven to school when I had to be at doctor appts. and when I was home, there was always someone stopping by with Starbucks to check and see how we were doing.

We swap kids, groceries, tools and husbands (that sounds weird! I mean for heavy lifting jobs!) I can't imagine living somewhere else. My neighbors rock! I'm glad to hear that you have some great ones too.

pinks & blues girls

I LOVE my neighbors! When my beloved dog got sick last year, my next door neighbors cried with me, and were just so kind. They offered to help with my other dog while we went to vet appointments, etc. And when our my dog passed away, they grieved along with us. Our across the street neighbor called me just the other day to let me know I'd left my garage door open when I left, and offered to go close it for me. Another neighbor, an older widow, always welcomes us over like old friends whenever he has company. Fantastic neighbors cannot be underestimated!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

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