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March 14, 2008



I am amazed.

You are amazing.


The photo of you in the tub is beautiful too.

Wow wow wow.


He is gorgeous and so are you--even in the middle of labor!!

I'm so happy that your experience was so fulfilling. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about home births.



This is an incredible birth story. One of the best I've read. I am so glad it went so well. You are amazing and powerful! And you look gorgeous in your photo. (That is completely unfair, by the way.)

And Jonah? He's beautiful! Congratulations!


Congratulations!!! What a beautiful baby boy! Sandie what great work!! Blessings on you all!!


Congratulations! It sounds like it was a wonderful experience and thank you for sharing it with us.


What a beautiful story of birth as is Jonah! Glad everyone stayed safe and went as you wanted :)


That sounds wonderful and beautiful. I'm misty-eyed. Congratulations on your beautiful, now-increased family.


Thanks for sharing this story with the us, Sandie. I'm so happy for you guys!! (And I NEVER looked that lovely giving birth!) ;)


Congratulations SuperMom! :) I am so glad you had such a great experience. :) I soooooooo admire you. :)

Meagan Francis

Wow, what a fantastic birth story! Congratulations and welcome to the world, baby!


Congratulations. What a beautiful birth.


He is so beautiful. And how about that Joey?


Congratulations! What a beautiful birth story. I had my son at home last June and I could not have imagined it any other way. Okay, I'd take your four hours of labor over my 22, but it was still fantastic. Good job!

Jorge Angulo

i am so happy for you and the rest of the chen clan. you are the only one in our family that is most like our family. Your father would be so proud and happy for you. He would be proud to have such an intelligent daughter who is such a great mother. I think that you are more like him than either of the rest of us. His spirit is in you even though you did not know him. He loved you so much, as he did all of us, but you were so unexpected and I remember when you were born how he reacted. He was so happy. Jonah is in my slot so he should be like me, the smartest of the three (lol). So in ten years you can have another girl who will be the smartest one. anyway, just know that so many are happy for all of you. Sorry my illness kept me from going up there. i promise i will be there as soon as i am able. we love you very much.


WOW! That is such an amazing and beautiful birth story. Congratulations and welcome Jonah! (Do you think there is something biological that makes men feel like they need to be elsewhere right when they need to be THERE?)

Thanks for sharing the story of Jonah's arrival.


Wow-- I love reading home birth stories! Thanks for sharing yours. Many congratulations!


Sandie - I am so late on this... but I started thinking about meeting you at the party, then seeing you on twitter... then I wondered about how you were doing - then found this!! I am so glad to find such a wonderful post - and Jonah is beautiful!!! What a blessing - and I enjoyed reading about his birth. Congratulations - I'm sorry to be so late to the party!



hi sandie-- we met at the leapfrog event in nyc. this is an amazing birth story... congratulations on having such a wonderful delivery. jonah is beautiful, and you look so relaxed in that birthing tub.

thanks for sharing your story, and wonderful to meet you and jonah in person!


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