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April 20, 2008



What was that first Felicity Huffman one?? Sports Night. I loved that show.

Urban Mama

Ah yes: Felicity, Peter Krause, Robert Guillaume, Josh Charles -- excellent cast. But Aaron Sorkin's talky dialogue is always hit or miss with the primetime audience.


I'm with you on Arrested Development. Hated MSCL, but maybe I'm too old.

Here's mine:

1. Northern Exposure. No amount of watching Men in Trees can bring back the intelligent writing and genuine humor and camaraderie of fictional small town Alaska, though for some sick reason, we're doing so anyway.

2. Homicide: Life on the Street. Best. Cop. Show. Ever.

3. The X-Files, sans alien conspiracy story lines. This is the only TV show that scared the pants off me. I'm surprised nobody's writing anything this good any more.

4. Boomtown. Unceremoniously canceled way too soon by NBC, this multi-perspective drama had great potential and wonderful actors.

5. Kidnapped. See #4. Though 2 of the actors from this series are now on Law & Order, so Kidnapped's loss is our gain, I suppose.


Ooohh... I loved Everwood! I also miss Judging Amy and Once and Again (with Sela Ward, kind of a 40s version of thirtysomething... am I totally dating myself here?)

Urban Mama

Toni -- I'm with you on Northern Exposure, but at least it was on the air for several seasons which can be rewatched on DVD. I never watched Homicide, but I do love Andre Braugher and wish he worked more. And just when I was getting into Kidnapped the show got canceled -- poo! But yes, at least Jeremy Sisto is on L&O (who else?)!

Sue -- Once and Again was great, and I think it should've been on the air for at least two more seasons. Like Everwood, it portrayed realistic relationships between teenagers and their parents. Looking back, it was clear even then that Evan Rachel Wood would be a brilliant young actress.


Sandie - Linus Roache is the new EADA, taking Jack McCoy's (Sam Waterston's) place in that slot. He's fabulous, just fabulous. He was the bad FBI agent on Kidnapped.

You MUST watch Homicide, Sandie. That's out on DVD, and I highly recommend the first two seasons especially. The acting and writing are superb.


Everwood! Ah, dear to my heart. I thought I was the only one. I still miss that silly show. I also miss "Gilmore Girls," when it was good, in the earlier years.


I agree w/ Northern Exposure. I have asked my husband to buy the DVD series for me for Christmas. Freaks and Geeks absolutely re-engaged my belief that television could serve as an effective medium of social critique.


I'm so with you on Freaks & Geeks and My so Called Life.
I loved HBO's The Comeback. It only lasted 1 season but was fabulous.


Homefront was the best show! I had such the crush on Kyle Chandler in that show.

We really miss Homicide because it was set in Baltimore... and I join the chorus of Northern Exposure fans.


I'm going to add: X-files, The Lone Gunmen, Stella, that travel show with Tara Reid (Taradise! It was hilarious). Now that I'm addicted to Sandra Lee, I suspect they'll cancel her too, grrr...


Now we know who the snebsile one is here. Great post!

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