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September 24, 2008


Wife and Mommy


Way to go, Husband!


nice! that is awesomely handled. Steve and I have discussed this and it seems that I will be handling all these talks. Otherwise our kids will go through life thinking everyone has a hoo-hah. Yup, that's what my 37 year old fiance calls it. *snicker*


OMG, I'm getting hives just reading that!
Poor hubby.


Lol! Very nice job, Hans!


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H!!!!!! I'd be so happy for Robert to get that one and not me. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very nicely done. I probably wouldn't have done as well.


Hahaha! Kids never cease to crack me up. Definitely medal worthy!


"When I'm a grown-up, I'm going to have a biiiiiiiig vagina!"



oh poor Hans. I love that one.

Adina (Nola's Mom)

Classic! Ross and I loved it.


Hahahaha...that is awesome


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Lindsay Lebresco

Serious kudos go out to your husband. It reminds me of the time my 2 you son tried to "nurse" my 1 yo daughter with his "bird" during bath time. Scared the heck out of me - had to call my husband in for back up!
For a minute there, I was very interested in visiting cooliris.com as I thought it related to your post (you'd think that, wouldn't you?) - that could've been very entertaining!

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