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June 11, 2009



Ditto, LOVED that sequence. Saw it with Douglas a couple of days ago, in a theatre full of HS students, and their reactions were a mixture of flippant and caring ... by the time Carl/Ellie were old they'd disconnected from it. I of course was sniffling :) and Douglas was simply enraptured by 3D, content fairly irrelevant.


Alana;s step dad took her and they left before that opening sequence finished. It was too much that the wife died. It was too much for her...But I keep hearing that it is a good movie so I will have to catch it on DVD. PS How are you?

Wife and Mommy

I have got to see this movie!


my husband and I were also best friends for many years before we started dating and it has made our relationship.

Selfish Mom

What a beautiful post. I cried at that opening too. I feel like a lot of the time I'm so fixated on what I want to be doing that I forget to pay attention to and enjoy the stuff I actually AM doing.


I cried pretty much through the whole opening sequence. It was the love that Carl had for Ellie that made me cry. It doesn't matter if you knew your significant other for ten days or ten years before you got married. What was significant was the love that they shared through their years together. They shared the same hopes and dreams.

When she couldn't have children I cried. When he finally bought the tickets for South America I cried. When she fell and was in the hospital I wept. When he was sitting alone at the funeral home I was crying and sobbing. I think I used up a whole package of kleenex. It was probably the most beautiful portrayal of the love that a man has for his wife that I've ever seen.

Even after I stopped crying and the movie got more funny and silly, my eyes would well up everytime he talked to Elly or referred to her in any way.

I think that Carl felt badly that he never took her to Paradise Falls and he perhaps felt that he had failed the one person he loved more than anything. When he finally realized towards the end of the movie that Elly loved her life with him and that it was the great adventure for her, I cried again.

Then, he was finally able to live his life in the present and continue to have great adventures with the boy in the movie.

It was truly a lovely film.


Ok, I have GOT to see this movie...

Your marriage sounds wonderful.

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