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July 09, 2009



What? "this too shall pass" and "time heals all wounds" aren't working for you?

Oh hell no. I dont' think they work for many people, we're all just too PC to say something. Or we've just grown up with it and think it's better than saying something less polished or polite.

Ridiculous. I've always thought "This death thing sucks beyond belief. I'm ready with the booze and the chocolate when you are. We can either grieve your loss together or we can drink and gain weight together. Totally your call." would make an amazing sympathy card.

It was wonderful to see you Sunday. And even if you had sobbed the entire night, which you didn't, it still would have been wonderful to see you. : )


this is interesting to me, i feel like I'm constantly grieving.
I like the way you right.


er. write.


Now we know who the seinbsle one is here. Great post!

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