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May 26, 2010



I'm sooo fired up for Toy Story III!


If I were to see Babies, I would instantly go home and conceive our third child - I think it is safer if I stay way from that movie!


Hi, this comment has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but as it's your most recent one I thought it would be easiest for you to find here. I jumped to you from twitter (I'm squashedmom) where we know a lot of the same people as I'm also an SVMG blogger (on the NYC site). I was intrigued by your 140 character mini bio, in that you write about both parenting and grief, as do I, and I don't know many others mining that specific combo. My blog "The Squashed Bologna" was begun as I was supporting my father through the dying process, and now I am supporting my mother through her widowhood. I have been really moved reading into your blog and will come back again soon (yawn, it's late) and read some more. Come visit me, too, sometime. If I ever post again. (I'm having a crazy day on my blog because The Bloggess listed my latest post in her Sunday wrap up, so now I have all these new readers and now feel performance pressure for my next post, and that tends toward freezing me up.)

OK, I actually do have something to say that relates to this post - I took my mother to see "Babies" on Mother's day weekend and she absolutely loved it. She's getting a bit deaf, so can't easily follow movies with a lot of dialogue and she doesn't like action pics, also she just loves babies, so it was a PERFECT choice. I also had my autistic son in tow, since he loves both movies and babies, too. So it was 3 generations together at the movies, which was wonderful. Add to that it was at NYC's Paris theater, one of the last grand old single screen theaters in the city, and it was awesome.

Chisti L

Oh, I love your personal fave lists! Thanks. Adding some to mine now!

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