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August 31, 2010


Sarah Auerswald

Sandie, this is a very sweet post. My mother died when I was 16 and I still miss her with each of my life's milestones and, of course, my kids' as well.


Not to negate the grief support if you think you need it, but I think it's pretty normal to have grief triggered by life milestones.

Amy @ YodelingMamas

Sandie, this is a beautiful tribute to your kids and your mother. While my mother is still with me, she's consumed by being a caretaker for my dad who is severely compromised by brain cancer and can't be left alone. In a way I feel like I've lost them both in that they can't be involved with my kids the way I want them to be. Milestones are bittersweet, indeed.

Here's to a great day and year for your little ones. I know you and they will make your mother proud.


The milestones are hard. I'm sorry.

I'm also happy for your kids that the day went well. And, you're right, that is an AWESOME backpack.

Susan @WhyMommy

Sorry for being so slow -- this week has been a blur with everyone going back to school some, more, less, half days, full days. You know the drill.

I can't advise you on the therapy, but I do know that even if you remember your Mami just for a moment at special times like these, it means that you had a wonderful bond. I think it's wonderful that she's not forgotten, and she's still there "with" you for the important days in your life.

Yes, your grief need not be a constant companion, but I think it is not a failure to be reminded of those we love at important times like this.

At least, I hope it is not.


Big hugs to you! I'm not an expert, but I think it will always hurt a little not to have your parents for all those milestone moments, no matter how much therapy you have access to. And writing is cathartic, so it's okay to let it out on your post, as long as the feelings didn't hijack the DAY!


I am so sorry you're missing her so badly, Sandie. It's such a tribute to her- we should all be the kind of mothers who inspire such love in our daughters.

I hope the munchkins had a good week at school!


Sorry to sound in on the same thing everyone else is... but...

It sounds to me like just memories, which is what intense grief fades to. And for loss of a parent, two years is NOTHING.

I can't say whether or not you need counseling, but grief is, as you know, not an illness -- just a set of feelings, as overpowering and lifechanging as they can be.

If you find yourself consumed by thoughts of your Mami or unable to do other things for more than a day or two, then, some support of some kind might be helpful.

But you sound normal to me. :-)

Congrats on the milestones, too. Sometimes I wonder if it's the happiness and satisfaction of a reaching a milestone that triggers the sadness, bitterness, anger that can be associated with grieving.



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