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September 26, 2010


Linsey Krolik

Your last line is particularly beautiful - it is true that kids can save us, as much as we save them every day. I was struck by how changed Ma was in the book by Jack's birth. He "saved" her from being a TV zombie and from all of her teeth falling out. He made her care about HERSELF again, even as she sacrificed so much for him. What wouldn't we do? Nothing. There isn't anything.


Great review. Totally agree- what wouldn't we do for our kids? This was such a haunting, creative, beautiful book. I reviewed it on Saturday:



Great book and great post!

Emma Donoghue

I believe I would do what Ma did. The difference is, I'd be cranky all the time! Thanks for this fascinating post.


Ma was a hero in my eyes. She didn't have to teach Jack to read and write, solve multiplication problems, or do daily Phys Ed. She could have curled up and given up. Instead, she created the best life she could for him. It was utterly amazing.


I say all of the time that my daughter motivated me the moment she was conceived! Nice post!


Oh my gosh yes! Enduring horror just to keep my child safe, and to be able to watch your child learn, and feel, and laugh....

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