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October 02, 2010



Although I never met her, I can tell how special a person your mother was. Thank you for sharing how her life continues to shape your family.

Leticia- BitMoms.com

Sending you huge hugs and lots of love for a beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes.

Sue @ Laundry for Six

Thinking of you. What a sweet and sad post.


Sandie, what a beautiful post. You moved me to tears.


Very beautiful. And she knows what you wrote because she heard it as you composed it in your head, I am certain.

I wish I had enough hugs to make the painful part go away while letting you keep the warm fuzzy feelings of the great memories.

What a fantastic photo -- a real treasure!


thank you for posting this Sandra. she was a remarkable woman.

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really sweet messages im so touch the letter..i want to say beautiful.


Oh, this just made me cry. SO beautiful.

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