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October 27, 2010


Amit Thapa

Wow great post. I love bitdefender,would love to have one for free. Thanks

Becca Fletcher

I'm really careful and paranoid about what I open on here and get all protective mom (to my laptop) when the hubby logs on.. Needless to say, I'd love for some updated virus protection for my precious laptop!

Thanks for the giveaway, Sandy! <3

Barbara Alter

I would like to win it for my sister, she is not, and we are not, able to keep her laptop internet safe, and that scares me. She loves Facebook, and if we win, we would be very grateful!


Would love a copy since with 2 little girls on the computer...as much as I trust them, there is stuff I don't see them do!


My anti-virus just expired. This would be great.


My boys are always cicking on sidebar links off the Lego and Playmobil sittes...We need this pretty badly around here!


We got a virus a few months ago even though we had a virus package on there. Even after we knew we had it, that old scanner disn't pick it up. Needless to say, we don't trust that one anymore...we would love to put a better one on there!

XP Drivers

looks to be a nice.. guess everyone has computer this time that need protection. :)

I haven't tried bitdefender but if its free its not bad at all.

Internet Security

Nice tip, would try this one too and will keep you posted. Thanks for sharing!


really hoping to get this...my McAfee has expired and doesn't update


Some viruses are really tricky , a some months ago we lived a similar experience , my wife openned her bank on line service and somehow we received a virus wich started opening xxx pop ups , when I got home I was questioned about my use of the laptop , we did a couple of test and discovered that the problem was with the bank´s page , luckily it happenned on my laptop and not on the desktop that was used by the kids at the time. From then on we became very concernned about the anti-virus software and spam mail , and we do periodic cheks on the kids computer to keep them away from unwanted information.It is very useful to keep an updated anti-virus software to be protected.

The Idiot

With a four-year-old who likes to play on the computer, I could definitely use a new anti-virus system.


i m using this antivirus software.its nice,working good,well,ur post is excellent.

Security Guard Training

First time i've come across a security program for mac. Thanks alot!

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