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November 13, 2010


Emily Mutterperl

I solemnly swear I am worthy ;-)

I'm looking forward to the 7 Potters and Silver Doe scenes. As you know, I adore Ron Weasley, especially in Deathly Hallows.

I think Helena Bonham Carter really captures the 'unhinged' aspect of Bellatrix that I imagined when reading the books. And Jason Isaacs as Lucius ... definitely book!Malfoy to me.

Joshua Otis

These books, collectively, resparked a passion in me for reading that was dormant for years. I had just started high school and my first girlfriend told me to take her copy of Chamber of Secrets... I read it and barely understood anything since I didn't know it was the second of a series... so I hunted down the first attempt a cvs, read it, and was introduced to the awe and magic of Harry Potter. I have attended every book midnight release since Goblet, seen the films countless times, and now plan to read the stories to my 2 1/2 year old son. So even though the end is bittersweet, I can deliver it through him. As for my most anticipated scene... I can say with absolutely certainty that I'm waiting for the epilogue. I cried a little when I first read it and I'm sure I will when part 2 is released. Now the next question I can answer in one go. My fave chat is Luna Lovegood and Evanna Lynch was spot on as her and I wouldn't change a thing. I still can't believe Edward Cullen was Cedric Diggory though... wow.

Thanks for reading.



My BFF and I have a tradition. We always go see the Harry Potter movies together. This drives my husband and sister crazy because they are both big fans and I always ditch them to go with my BFF.

Anyhoo, to answer your questions:
A. I have a feeling that the scene I'm most looking forward to -- when Harry is in limbo and then defeats He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named -- won't actually be in this movie but the next one. It will be interesting to see the dynamic of the three main characters as they leave Hogwarts in search of the horcruxes. It was an entertaining adventure in the book.
B. Favorite character is Hermione because I can relate to her geekiness when it comes to being a good student.
C. I think the casting of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter was spot on. Side note: my husband didn't picture HP with glasses. I don't know which books he was reading.

Bonus question: My favorite movie in the series is Goblet of Fire, which surprises me because that book wasn't my favorite. It took me forever to read. I had such a hard time getting through the Quidditch World Cup. There wasn't a lot of emphasis on that in the movie, which is probably why I liked it more.

James Ashton

So I have never read any of the books but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the story line and visuals on screen.

If i had to choose any of the films to be my favorite i would have to say Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone without being cliche or anything. Watching this movie for the first time really opened me up to a magical world of the unknown and really makes you love this little boy who is struggling to find out who he is.

It's crazy how much of an emotional attachment you can develop for these characters and their lives. Over the last decade all of these characters have touched our hearts in different ways, some more so than others. Between Harry finding out about his family and who he really is, Hermione with her quick wit and book smarts, Ron with his great sense of humor and clumsiness really makes you love them more.
I for one would love to go to Hogwarts and fulfill my destiny but my wand is not functioning as it was. Besides i didn't qualify to be the chosen one.

So i would love to see an early screening of this movie and continue my attachment with them while following their journey to a better ending.

Sincerely, James Ashton


My daughter just started to get engaged with all of the Harry Potter frenzy. We are just beginning the adventure of catching up with books. I can only attest that she is a crazy fan because of her fascination of viewing and reading all that she can get her hands on. We are looking forward to the what might be the end?

Since we didn't read all the books, we did see the movies. I would have to say the first one is my favorite because it really is the beginning of my daughter's fascination. It is where we see Harry be the chosen one to save the wizards and his strength that he receives from the bolt left on his head by Voldemort. It was the beginning of the cliff hangers which led to the addication.


I'm re-reading the last book again now in preparation for the movie. I am excited for the first scene where everyone takes the pollyjuice and turns into Harry Potter so they can move him before his birthday.

My favorite character is Hermione. She is well played by Emma Watson. She is smart, strong, but still a girl. =)

I thought that Richard Harris who played Dumbledore was excellent in the role. He was wise, had a strong voice, and delivered well in many scenes.

Great idea- thanks for letting me comment!


I haven't read the book since it came out, which will make much of the movie a joyous surprise for me. :) I just think all the books were obviously brilliant and each of the movies has been so well done.

I really, really loved the last Harry Potter movie. I was really impressed with the way the filmmakers have let the kids grow up with dignity and in a real way and still manage to make it work with the books. Of course, the source material is a good lead on that.

Bill Moorehead

I would love to take my daughter!

a) the battle between Harry and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, hope it's in this one and not the next b) Hermione c) I love Emma Watson as Hermione

Rene Smith

I've read every single book in the series with 24 hrs of purchasing it and I've been a die hard fan since day one. I've gone to the midnite showing of each of the last 4 movies!! The scene I'm most looking forward to is the one where Kreacher breaks down and tells his story about the Horcrux and Regulus. Harry finally sees Kreacher in a different lite and defines him as the secret asset he is. My favorite character in the series is Ginny Weasley. Her loyalty to HP is admirable and she never questions him. Even though she's a year younger than him, she acts as if she's older and more mature. She even reminds me of myself in certain ways

The casting of the Phelps twins (James and Oliver) was totally brilliant. Their facial expressions, jovial attitudes, and voices are what I envisioned when I used to read about Fred and George Weasley! And its kinda ironic that they used to play pranks on people and switch places in school just like the Weasleys did!!


I have always loved to read, especially Young Aduld Literature. I love that it's just storytelling for the sake of storytelling with well-developed characters, interesting plotlines and great vocabulary. Since becoming a mom nearly two years ago (and all the lack of time/sleep/energy/5 minutes to myself that comes with parenthood), I have found myself going back to books I know by heart because I can read for just a few minutes in between chaotic toddler wrangling and be satisfied. Of course, that means I'm primarily rereading the Harry Potter series. I even have the British versions (much the same, but with slight variances in spelling and grammar), and I got the Sorcerer's Stone in Greek thinking that I could teach myself since I already knew the story. Of course, there has been no time for that as of late. I love how J.K. Rowling has grown up her writing right along with Harry and her readers. In the first books, the plots and language were simple, befitting an 11-year-old, but the later books have more advanced language, themes and situations. I am so very much looking forward to the movie adaptation and would love to see it early, especially since my husband can babysit on Tuesday. Thank you so much for offering up this contest! - Rachel.


My favorite of the movies is Half-Blood Prince. I thought it was funny and did a good job balancing the intensity of Harry's horcrux discovery, relationship with Dumbledore and on the other side the very obvious sexual tension between Ron and Hermione. Can't wait to see what happens in DH1.

Amanda Ellison

I am extremely worthy of this chance. I have been a Harry Potter fan since the late 1990s when my mother introduced me to "this kids series you might like." I have since gotten every book on the day it was released (in fact one came the day before it was released because of a glitch by amazon). In later years my obsession with Harry Potter helped me get to know the students I teach in high school as well as creating multiple Halloween costume options (I was Professor McGonagall this year). In DH1 I'm most interested in the scene in the woods when harry falls in the pond to get a horcrux. I imagine it will be a very dark and nail-biting moment. My favorite character from the series is Harry Potter of course, but most interestingly my second favorite is Luna Lovegood, who couldn't love a girl who even as a teenager can be herself even when that means her shoes are stolen and placed in random places throughout Hogwarts every year. As for the actor most like the character in the books I think it must be Ron. Everyone else looked significantly different from my imagination (especially Hermione who though a great actress is nothing like I thought she would be), but Ron with his red hair and clueless attitude is perfect.

Kristin Arnold

I give JK Rowling 100% credit for getting me to read again. Growing up as a kid I HATED reading so very much. It was during a semester in London that someone gave me a copy of the book and I feel in love. I have been hooked ever since. When Deathly Hallows came out I took it with us on a family trip to upstate new york. At the time I was 5 month pregnant. I ended up locking myself in the bathroom at our rental so I could be left alone as my other family members kept trying to read over my shoulder. So on to answer your questions...

a.) I can't wait for the scences that really display the emotional dynamic changes that occur between the three main character (ie when they are "camping" in the woods)
B.) I love Luna Lovegood. She just cracks me up, so smart and just so confident in herself and doesnt care what others think. She also stays true to who she is regardless.
C.) I think Gary Oldman was a perfect casting for Sirius Black. He was everything I imagined from scarey to loving and caring Godfather. My heart broke for Harry!

Scary Mommy

OK, I can't even answer the questions as I (gasp!) am not a Harry Potter fan. But one of my close friends would FLIP if I got her passes, so I am entering on her behalf. If that's allowed. :)


Wow...the scene I'm MOST looking forward to? I would have to say the scenes in the tent with the trio together. I am really looking forward to the big argument between Harry and Ron. I know they've previewed that but I want to see it all play out as well as Hermione's reaction afterwards AND Ron pulling Harry out of the icy pond afterwards!! Can I add another scene? This one is a scene I've looked forward to since early in the series, probably Prisoner of Azkaban. I want to see the graves of Lily and James. Through out the series I've wondered why we haven't heard about them or gone there, now I know it had to wait until Deathly Hallows.

The actor most like I envisioned? Most of them..but I'd have to say Hermione.

I'm a huge fan of the series! Just finished re-reading DH on Saturday in preparation for the movies! :-)


Harry Potter has come to an end. I’m sure to miss you all. But I’m so excited for their red carpet.

Lauryn Purtee

Who doesn't want to have these tickets, anyway? Too bad I wasn't able to watch it on the big screen. I was actually on vacation with my husband. But I think I can watch these movies online. What do you think? ;P

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I can say with absolutely certainty that I'm waiting for the epilogue. I cried a little when I first read it and I'm sure I will when part 2 is released. Now the next question I can answer in one go. My fave chat is Luna Lovegood and Evanna Lynch was spot on as her and I wouldn't change a thing. I still can't believe Edward Cullen was Cedric Diggory though. I'm a huge fan of the series!

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