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March 14, 2011



My favorite would be pollyanna, with close seconds of Annie and the apple Dumpling gang!


My favorites are Ann of Greene Gables, Harry Potter, Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist and Pipi Longstockings.

Is yours Harry Potter?


Yeah, I'm guessing yours is Harry Potter. ;)

My real favorite has to be Anne of Green Gables, but Oliver Twist would be a more literary choice.


I like the animals -- Bambi, Nemo (although he's only a half-orphan), and Babar. (In fact, I used to sneakily skip the page where Babar's mom gets shot when I read that book to Philip.) Also, Harry Potter. I had no idea Pippi was an orphan, but she is certainly a favorite too.

As for yours, I would guess Anne of Greene Gables. I know I should read the Anne books, but I haven't gotten around to it yet!


Does the Knuffle Bunny count or Piggy and Gerald, what about the Pigeon? OK I guess I have been reading a little too much Mo Willems


Me? Harry P. you? Annie or Harry.


Yours is Harry Potter, mine too!


I feel so much happier now I undertasnd all this. Thanks!

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