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May 05, 2011


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I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! The weather here in Michigan was perfect 71 and sunny. My husband and daughter took me golfing and then we had a barbeque on our deck.

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So while Koniuk desperately wants to move his younger son into the building’s other four-bedroom apartment, he cannot. He is exploring legal options. Robert Murphy, who has lived there for 30 years without a lease, remains, paying $525.82 a month.

Last spring, Koniuk offered Murphy $45,000 to move out. Murphy’s lawyer demanded $70,000, a sum Koniuk says he does not have. Meanwhile, the city’s Rent Board notified Koniuk that he was allowed to increase Murphy’s monthly rent this year by $2.63.

Darius Cartmell

You will not regret going to those tourism board-sponsored events, since there will be a lot of events prepared for your entertainment that you might not find elsewhere. Another plus side is you get to learn something new along the way.

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