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August 17, 2012



Oh my poor sister. You seem to have these terrible things happen to you. But as long as you are alive and well with your memory, your children and the spirit of our departed ancestors around you, you will never lose your treasures.

They come in a gentle breeze that is like a whisper from Mama, an aroma that is just like breakfast made by Tia, that echo in your mind from the lecture you know Mami would say to you...I know it's hard and I am sorry. i love you.


Sandie, my stomach did flips when I read about this on facebook. I'm so sorry. I know they're just things, but they were your things, all of them. And there's no shame in missing even the electronics.

Aimee Olivo

Oh my goodness, Sandi. I am so sorry. Yes, they are only things, but that doesn't mean you won't miss them and need to take time to mourn them. Hooray for that wonderful jewelry shop!!


:( Sending hugs until I see you and can give them to you in person! xo

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